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How To Be Effective At Workplace

Effectiveness is directly proportional to interest. The more interested you are in your work the more eligible you are for being effective. Unfortunately, global statistics says that most of the people are not interested in the job they do! This is huge waste of our capability and efficiency. But think about it, isn’t it the job that you choose for yourself in the first place? Then what went wrong? The answer lies in the change in your feeling, and in your thought process. There is a high probability that you are doing your job without looking at bigger picture and without any effort to add value. So you have chosen stagnancy, and your thought process changed. Remember the first day at your job, weren’t you exited? You had the desire to solve the complex problem at your work, and now a slight deviation in your work can make you upset and you start thinking negatively. Assume this is your first day of job. Feel that emotion of the first day, feel your energy level, feel your excitement, and now look at your work and think what you would have done had it been first day? You feel like taking a coffee and start working because you are going to create something of value.

Remember you are creating the value and your work is impacting positively the organization and the society in one way or other. Take the following steps:

1.      Understand the work to the deeper level: What you do? What are the steps? You may answer “Oh I am doing it for a long time, it is same work again! No, but think again. The positive side is that you know your work very well. Now think of improvement you can make here. There is always a scope of improvement in what you do. Find out what it is!

2.      Be creative to think of improvement and apply your idea: Here your creative ability comes into picture. God loves growth, universe is expanding, so you must! You are the answer to improve your current work / process. Apply your idea and see the result. Feeling of value creation is second to none. Say to yourself, “this is my creation, this is something that I created”, and feel it. Talk about it. Value creation is always appreciated as it helps business.

Let’s say, you are a sales man and you realized that you are spending very small percentage of your time in actually taking to your client, and most of the time is spent in identifying the prospects. You identified a way so that you spend most of the time talking to prospects and someone can help you identifying prospects. You do cost benefit analysis of having some help in identifying prospects and you do what makes real difference- talking to prospects and increase sales! Examples can be multiple depending upon the work you do.

3.      Think one level up and one level down the value chain of your work: Now, expand your horizon, think who is the end client of your work? What are their key unmet needs? Solve that problem. Look at the broader picture now. Ask yourself “How I can solve the problem for the other level”

4.      Repeat the process: Most important!! 🙂

You must come out of your traditional ways of doing things in order to create value, to keep the things in motion! Attract newer things in your work by constantly looking for changed and better way of doing something. This will keep reminding you that you are a creator, that you are here for a purpose, that you are making difference through your work. When you fast forward your life few years ahead keeping same energy level, same passion, you will see these incremental improvements has put you in a position where there is no such thing called a boring job! Again, this is your choice, if you stop the process negativity might start engulfing you.

Keep moving!!

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