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How Automation is very natural for all of us

This is just a thought that came to my mind in the morning which i can relate to automation. Normally when we wake up, we have the plan for the day. What we are going to do during the day normally is planned subconsciously. I am sure all of you must be having the same experience where you keep doing your daily chores and in the meantime your brain is designing what you are going to do during the day: whether you will have meeting or you will finalize some report today or go for a movie etc.

Yesterday while I was driving to office, I decided to change my leg positioning for accelerator and brake (As I normally tilt too much my right leg to apply brake and accelerator which was damaging my shoes ☹). I decided to put my right leg in straight position so that I just move my foot to manage accelerator and brake. And then I realized that I was putting all my attention to it. Very carefully, I had to make sure that I am applying those at right time. It started making me tired. With this new position I was not able to focus on my thoughts. My brain was working for those new set up only!!

Point of view: I realized that I am putting a lot of effort in driving with new positioning of my legs. Recall the first time when we were learning to drive a car or bike or cycle. All our effort and attention used to be on combination of brake, accelerator, gear, gauging of roads, side mirrors etc. After learning or driving for an hour, we used to get tired because our brain worked very cautiously during that hour. I remember when I was training my friend driving early morning. There was a clear road and the car was moving at slow speed. The moment i started talking about roads and other stuff my friend shouted that I was diverting his attention. Compare that moment with your driving today. What a change!! You can think or plan your day, listen to music, while still you are focused on road while driving. We don’t know consciously when we accelerated, when we applied brake. It happens automatically.

When we do certain repetitive process regularly our brain will start seeing the pattern on these activities. After some time, our brain starts to automate these repetitive process (in case of driving it is when to apply accelerator, indicators etc). This is applicable not only to driving, but also to other work like travelling on same road, cooking etc.

I believe that it is embedded in the very plan of nature that constant value addition is the key for the human race. Probably our brain is designed that way. Now when our brain automates repetitive processes, we save a lot of energy, we are forced to provide attention to some other thinking….or we save energy to apply it to other work which requires our attention. When we are a new driver, we spend a lot of energy while driving because our brain is doing a lot of calculations for safe driving. When we reach destination, we are somewhat tired. While those who are experienced drivers, they are comparatively fresh and energetic when they reach destination. This is because the brain automated some of the process and thus saved energy for your other work. To me, likewise automation in corporate is very natural. We constantly need to create value and this will be more substantial if we automate some of the work that is repetitive. When you look at it from broader perspective, every time when automation occurred, we moved a step up to create more value and developed. There are lots of concerns on automation doing away with jobs. However, to me it is an opportunity for us to focus on more value adding work and let our algorithms do the repetitive work. Imagine if agriculture work is still being done 100% by us, forms are still being filled with pen and paper and someone is sorting them and taking them to right departments etc., and all other work that is automated now. One at random example is Blockchain automating the claim processing so that payment can be done instantly when a stipulated event occurred. We saved a lot of precious time and became more precise in end result. And it is going to impact positively end users, we the consumers.

So let us celebrate that we took a cue from nature and are continuing our journey on creating more value for all of us! Let us do what we are designed to do…create more value!

Let’s keep evolving!!

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